Crash Damage? We'll patch you up

We know how much it hurts to crash. But the pain of the fall is only part of it – the damage done to our kit is what can really reduce us to tears.

That's why we offer a no quibble repair service in the unfortunate event that you damage your Velobici clothing in a crash. We'll patch up rips, tears and abrasions free of charge, breathing a new lease of life into your kit.

If we judge your garment to be irreparable, we will offer a 30% discount on a like-for-like product. For instance, if we are unable to repair your bib shorts, your discount can be used towards a new pair.

To arrange a crash repair, please email or contact us at +44 (0) 1455 292252.

Please Note: Any items returned for crash repairs should be washed and clean. While we endeavour to repair your product swiftly, the process could take up to 6 weeks. This service only applies to crash damage. If you have any other manufacturing issues with your kit such as loose threads or broken zips, please contact our customer service team:

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Velobici cycling apparel is designed and manufactured in England using sustainably-sourced fabrics. We value craftsmanship and sustainability. It is our goal to run a carbon neutral operation by 2025.